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Earlier people used to masturbate with their hands. But nowadays different types of sex toys and masturbation cups have come for men, which provide them extreme pleasure in the world of intercourse. Masturbation is satisfying for men and around 92% of men living in Australia admit to participating in the habit of masturbation.

Even today many men wonder whether it is right to masturbate. And if we are doing masturbation then how should we start for that, then let us tell you that doing masturbation is absolutely beneficial and if you are looking for a sex toy then you can use Masturbation cup, which is available at very affordable prices on Peachboom.

What is Masturbation Cup?

Masturbation Cub is a sex toy that enhances the pleasure experience of male masturbation. A male masturbator is a simple sleeve made of silicone or other material. These male masturbators glide over your penis better than your hands and take you to a different world of orgasm. Masturbation cups help you enjoy oral sex and also fit snugly over your penis.

Masturbation cups come in a range of different sizes, designs, from flashlights and tubes to battery-operated eggs. Plus, some cups even come with realistic vulva, giving you the feeling that you’re having sex with your partner. Sometimes these masturbation cups also help you to have sex or prepare for sex with your partner and also help you to make your endurance training last longer.

Best Male Masturbation Cup at Peachboom

Here Are Some Of The Best Masturbation Cups For Men-:

  1. Hand-free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup


It features 10 speeds of swirling rotating sensations, with an up and down stroking action. It is available for you at only $75.00.

  • Thrusting & Rotating with 10 modes gives you a series of progressive stimuli
  • Adjust the angle of the suction cup from 0-145° to help you find the best sex position
  • Transparent window design lets you see the action
  • Women’s moans can be heard from the connected headphone
  • Detachable sleeve, easy to clean
  • Body-safe & skin-friendly TPE and ABS to use without any worries
  • USB rechargeable & IPX4 waterproof
  1. Masturbation Cup 5 Sucking 9 Vibrating Modes Blowmotion

It is available at Peachboom at only $65.

  • 5 sucking modes.
  • 9 vibration.
  • Features a dedicated button for maximizing the intensity of vibration at one push.
  • Matte container assists in keeping your grip nice while stroking.
  • Detachable for throughout cleaning.
  1. Voice Masturbator cup Flaming Red Lips


Flaming red lips and teasing tongue, hurry up and put your stalwart dick in. The most amazing thing is the unique 7-frequency vibration function of the toy. Every time it vibrates, she is asking you for more, and wishing you have more fun. This Masturbation cup for male is available at only $199.


  • Realistic tongue and oral cavity internal particle design, a feeling of being wrapped in a real mouth.
  • 7-frequency simulation vibration mode, super power makes you addicted to it.
  • Vacuum sucking, press to adjust the intensity of sucking, experience the stimulation of real sucking.
  • Intelligent heating system can heat to 37~42℃, real humid and hot experience inside the oral cavity.
  • The inner sleeve can be removed, clean and hygienic.
  • Voice function, encourage your penis to be more stronger.

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