Hand-free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup is ON SALE NOW!!!

Hand-free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup is ON SALE NOW!!!

Hand-free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup is ON SALE NOW!!!


The hand-free automatic rotate male masturbation cup is a revolutionary device designed to take solo pleasure to the next level. With its advanced technology and unique design, this device can provide intense stimulation and mind-blowing orgasms.


And now, with a special sale, you can experience this pleasure for an even better value.Are you looking for a device that can help you achieve a more intense orgasm? Look no further than the hand-free automatic rotate male masturbation cup. And right now, on Peachboom online store, it’s on sale!


What is a Hand-free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup?

It is a kind of sex toy designed for men. It provides hands free stimulation to men. It is primarily designed for men to mimic the sensation of orgasm and can also provide a more intense and realistic experience than traditional masturbation.


This sex toy is equipped with a motor that rotates and vibrates. Along with this, it also provides a powerful and pleasant feeling.


How Does It Work?

The device works by sliding it over the men’s penis and providing stimulation through its rotation and vibration motor. Whoever is using this device can also adjust the speed and intensity of this device according to himself so that he can enjoy the sexual intercourse properly.


Along with its hands-free design, it allows the user to engage in other activities while still experiencing the sensation.


Features ofHand-free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup

  • The Thrusting & Rotating device offers 10 programmable modes, providing a diverse range of stimuli by alternating between multiple speeds and movements.
  • The suction cup has been designed to allow the user to adjust its angle from 0-145°, providing an optimal position for sexual activity.
  • Our innovative transparent window design allows you to witness the action first-hand.
  • The headphone is connected to an audio output that produces a female moaning sound.
  • This product is designed with a detachable sleeve for easy cleaning and maintenance.


How to buy Hand-free Automatic Rotate Male Masturbation Cup from Sale

This is available on Peachboomfor sale. So to buy it from sale, first of all you go to pitchbook website. Find out about this Masturbation Cup now and add it to your cart. Now proceed to checkout of this product and enter your payment and shipping information.


Once you have completed your purchase, Peachboom dispatches your product on the very first business day and you will receive the product instantly, the next working day in Australia. Now you can get the pleasure experience through this device.

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