Discreet  Packaging


Your privacy is extremely important to us. We’ll always deliver your Peach Boom order in a private and discreet manner. Our discreet packaging and labelling system ensures the only person who will know the contents of the package is you!

How will my package be sent?

Your order will be delivered by Australia Post. All orders are sent in plain, discreet packaging to prevent anyone from guessing what’s inside the parcel or who it’s from. Most orders will be sent with heavy duty Jiffy bags which offer maximum protection during transit. Some orders may be sent in secure cardboard boxes or padded satchels depending on the particular order type.

What will be written on my package?

Attached to your package will be a discreet generic Australia Post shipping label. Your delivery name and address will be provided, as well as our discreet return address. The senders name will be displayed as Summit Corporation Pty Ltd, including our Sydney PO Box address. At no time will there be any reference to Peach Boom or any reference to the type of products you’ve bought. Your privacy will always be respected and your delivery will always be discreet.

What will my package look like?

Your package will always be 100% private and discreet. It will look like any other ordinary package you would receive in the mail. There is absolutely no way of telling what’s in your package or the type of business we are in.

Small to medium sized orders are usually dispatched using plain heavy duty Jiffy bags with discreet delivery labels.

Larger sized orders are usually dispatched in plain secure boxes with discreet delivery labels. We use heavy-duty tape to seal the box.

We use a discreet labelling system with Australia Post to ensure your order stays as private as possible.

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