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Many people like anal sex very much, but many people also dislike it. But if you want something new in your daily sex routine, then you must try anal sex. So if you want to start and talk about anal, you have come to the right place. Because anal sex is really fun and gives a different sex pleasure.

If you are looking for your first time having anal sex then you are in the right place as Peachboom has got you the best anal sex toys to start with. And also you get all these sex toys at very low prices, which can prove to be the best for your beginner. So let us tell you about some of the best anal sex toys which can prove to be great for you.

Get your first and best Anal Sex toys

If you live in Australia and are unable to find anal sex toys for yourself, you will find a wide variety of anal sex toys available on Peachboom. We have got here for you some of the best anal sex toys available on Peachboom at very affordable prices.

You will find all these anal sex toys available at very high prices at many other online shops. But Peachboom gives you access to all different types of anal toys for only a few dollars. So go and enjoy this exclusive offer now

  1. Golden Metal Gem Anal Plug

This anal Plug Keep the anus stretched and if you use this you will find it very useful. It is available at Peachboom for only $29.


  • Unique golden appearance, relieve aesthetic fatigue.
  • Shiny jewel base, decorate charming holes.
  • Swollen tapered head matches with a thin rod and a round stretched bottom support, slide in easily but never fall.
  • Receptive to changes in temperature, suitable for temperature plays.
  • Zinc alloy material, strong and durable.


  1. Tongues Remote Control 9 Modes Wearable Clit Vibrator

Three arranged tongue designs, constantly tease your clitoris. The middle is smooth and imitates the head of the penis, it is easy to insert and dance freely in your vagina. The fish-shaped tail has a regular texture. It is inserted into your anus and rubbed constantly.

This clitoral stimulator is wearable, you can wear it for shopping or eating at will, no one will notice its existence. 9 vibration modes, you can stimulate your G point and P point at the same time, you don’t need to buy an additional vibrator! For you this anal sex toy is available at only $57.

  1. Anal Plug with Remote Control

Just grab the 360° Rotation Anal Plug to experiment alone or with your partner to delights which combination of rotation and shocking suits your personal tastes! It is available for you at only $59 in Australia.


  • Omni-directional rotatable tip, delivers a comprehensive prostate crushing experience in 3 modes.
  • Teardrop-shaped metal pieces on both sides of the shaft, touch them simultaneously to appreciate the 16-pattern electric current.
  • Ribbed base delivers 16 powerful vibratory pulses that take you to the pleasure heaven.
  • Equipped with remote control, ideal for effortless solo session or couple play.

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