Smart APP remotely wear the egg-bouncing girl masturbation device


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The Magic Motion’s Candy is a high quality German design and made wearable vibrator. Small and petite in design allowing the device to be easily slipped into underwear and sit comfortably hidden away. Small and featuring an ultra powerful motor. Controlled by the Magic Motion pone App, downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple iTunes. The App allows the device to be used in various ways including manual mode, music mode, partner mode (allowing a partner to control remotely), voice mode and games mode. Also featuring magnetic USB recharge. Wearable anywhere and everywhere! Around the house, on a date, to the movies. Made from high grade medical grade silicone. Designed to fit snugly around the vaginal and clitoral area. This toy will not disappoint! 

Connect to your (or your partner’s) mobile telephone by Bluetooth (low energy)

A soft antenna offers you a 360° range and a maximum distance of 3 m for controlling by Bluetooth

Long-distance control and chat is done using the application via internet connection (WiFi)

 Features : 

 USB Rechargeable
 Powerful Motor
Medical grade silicone
Size: See Images
Bluetooth App Control
 Small and petite ergonomic design
Colour: Pink


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