Swirl 2 In 1 Vagina Sucking Electric Penis Pump Masturbator

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  • Vacuum physics is used to help erection, and to enhance the ability of your penis to withstand stimulation;
  • Realistic 3D textured and ribbed tunnels mimic real female vagina, allowing you to experience the realistic sexual orgasm;
  • Designed with 3 classic sucking modes and speeds, gives you a variety of deep throat sucking unlimited pleasure;
  • 2 in 1 sex toy that can get your dick hard within a minute and it ensures the most intense stimulation;
  • The sleeve is waterproof, easy to clean.


Lasting sex not only improves your sex performance, but makes it more satisfying for your partner. This masturbation cup is exactly a great product for physical enhancement. The penis enlargement pump uses vacuum physics to help promote blood circulation, and prolong the ejaculation time. And all you need to do is just thrust into the tight-yet-stretchy opening watch every satisfying moment through the compact clear inner texture. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that your penis has been aroused in a short period of time, and began to enjoy the comfortable service of this toy. Moreover, this unique masturbation cup designed with 3 classic sucking modes and speeds, gives you a variety of deep throat sucking and grab unlimited pleasure. Just enjoy the masturbation and bonkers releasing climax on you! Its easy-to-clean and mostly waterproof feature allow it to be safely used in more places like the bathroom. You must can’t wait to have a stimulating and hand-free solo sex already!

Package included:

1 x masturbation cup
1 x charging cable

Weight0.42 kg
Dimensions34.7 × 12.2 × 9 cm

30 reviews for Swirl 2 In 1 Vagina Sucking Electric Penis Pump Masturbator

  1. Angela Absalom

    This is way more than I expected. Does a great job.

  2. T’arne Mcdougall

    The first automatical pump I have used befor, I mean it was surprise me with its’ automatic suction and masturbation function. If you wanna buy a penis pmup, this one will be a good choice for you.

  3. Sascha Wall

    When I get it on it is a lightweight fit. Can walk around easily with it. Really like the controls and the way they work. Had other pumps but like this one the best. I even like the rounded end shape of it. The sleeve opening could be smaller in diameter.

  4. Genevieve Star

    Guaranteed orgasm. During this pandemic and being alone I was seriously missing a blowjob. I bought this not really expecting it to be very effective. Much to my surprise it really is good. A nice tight fit that gets tighter when you put your thumb over the air hole.

  5. Dee Pio

    Maybe a little expensive for what it is, but it does work. Easy to use in the bathtub and it’s not too uncomfortable. If you do exactly what the directions say and do it consistently it pays off.

  6. Emma Beard

    Purchased as a funny gift for my husband and havent gifted it yet. So far I have taken everything out of the box and charged it. It seems easy to use and I’m excited to try it out soon! Appreciate the bag it comes in to keep it discreet.

  7. Bailey Caruana

    So far I am very impressed. It has a massive amount of suction. and the textured inside make it feel realistic

  8. Fleur Lewis

    For the price I paid I didn’t expect such a strong suction from the toy, even the first setting was plenty to see the effects. The multiple sleeves make cleaning up a lot easier, and the natural one is very soft and feels great even without the suction. Recommended for anyone curious about electronic pumps but don’t want to break the bank.

  9. Ericka Zaldo

    This penis pump is like an addiction. I use this every day and have the feeling that I need it. I just like this feeling when my penis is so bouncing behind. Just a great device. If I could, I would probably wear it day and night.

  10. Edith Cheng

    Getting an understanding of how to use this pump was a little confusing at 1st and after a bit of digging online the instructions became clear, this isn’t a product you consistently pump you create a vacuum around your gentleman and leave for 5 minutes, then release the pump and relax for about a minute or so, repeat this another two times and you’ll see the difference straight away!

  11. Dan Gaston

    Easy to clean and put away. This has great suction as well as comfort.

  12. Gregory Becher

    This thing blew my mind and my load! I ordered another as backup! My wife loves using it on me! Then having her way with me! Sex couldn’t be better! Amazing

  13. Carly Henley

    The product is exactly as it states, easy to clean, and feels great! I use it on my pump and it fits just right. Would definitely be good to use as just a stroker too.

  14. Coralee Hazelgrove

    My husband was curious and thought about trying a penis pump. So I surprised him randomly with this one! It was easy to use, charged quickly and had good suction. As first timers we were a little worried that it may hurt him, but we found that it the suction wasn’t SO strong that it hurt him. It did its job wonderfully! Clean up was also a breeze. We do wish there was some more detailed information on the different end attachments, but other then that we were happy with it!

  15. Sienna Marsh

    This is definitely pretty good for pregame, you just gotta know to be careful with it and you’ll be fine!! This is very simple to clean, just wipe it down. It has a lot of suction power to it so before taking it off make sure to press the degassing button! Anyone who has Ed, (I don’t) I would assume would benefit from something like this.

  16. Ashleigh Cant

    I like this product for many good reasons. The suction power is good and the control buttons are so reliable. It is easy to clean and as well as all the parts and accessories that come along with it. My package got the added length after using this product. I am well satisfied with it’s ease of use.

  17. James Coulson

    Pump it Up!! WOW, great upgrade completely automatic and strong, best thing next to the real thing… Does exactly what it is designed to do… Great quality and well made products, very impressive packaging and design… Great quality at a reasonable price why buy anything else, Highly recommended…

  18. Jordan Baker

    Works great, it is a little noisy but works great, easy clean-up and recharging is quick too.

  19. Bree Francis

    It was a gift for my husband and he is in love with it.

  20. Ben Sexton

    I like the change in how the erection happens. That was pleasing to see. It can be used on lazy days or just because days. Its a pretty cool versatility to think about. I wouldn’t say the suction power is the greatest but I have nothing to compare it to. The toy was still fun. I guess I just thought it was gonna be more. I think you should consider this addition, especially because you can use it for him or he can use it for himself. Sit back and watch the magic happen.

  21. Alice Churchill

    Powerful and durable. Not for the well endowed, but everyone else – Time to party!

  22. Shaun Nicholls

    I’m a healthy 73 and two years ago, the ED scourge hit me all of a sudden. I’ve seen these from time to time and always chuckled thinking how silly it seemed. Man, was I wrong. This thing is great and my wife loves that my girth has grown substantially. Now, this isn’t the end-all for a cure, but I believe it sure adds to it. I want to stay away from dangerous drugs like Viagra, so using this, along with a good herbal pill for testosterone and certain exercises down there, it turned around for me. If and when I wear this one out, I’ll get another, no sweat.

  23. Olivia Holt-smith

    It’s worth it for the money !!! Yes it’s small in size but you will enjoy it!!! My favorite toy yet!!!!

  24. Zoe Regan

    it feels nice whether with or without the sleeve. Expect positive gains.

  25. Kalani Hita

    This product is awesome! The different suction powers can fit any need or comfort level. The ability to immediately dissipate all suction at a moments notice is perhaps the best feature that many other similar products lack. It comes completely apart allowing for the easiest cleaning possible. Overall I am extremely impressed with this product and many others that the brand has to offer.

  26. Kyle Paul

    I’ve never used one of these before but have many other toys. I figured I’d give this one a try and see how I like it.

    I don’t think I can comment on any long term effects but it definitely works in the short term. Combine it with a ring to hold the blood in, and you can pump things up a bit. Pun intended!

  27. Aleck Whiting

    This product is of good quality. The suction is good and it provides great pleasure. I honestly have no complaints and it certainly gets the job done! Trust me, you’ll enjoy every single moment!

  28. Luke Piva

    Unfortunately the item was damaged during shipment and was unusable. A replacement is about to be shipped

  29. Kerry Turner

    I am looking for a good pump all the time and have tested so many pumps. I would like to say this pump is the top 3 I have used it! Besides,it is cheaper than other pump!

  30. Cherry


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