Masturbation Cup 5 Sucking 9 Vibrating Modes Blowmotion

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  • 5 sucking modes.
  • 9  vibration.
  • Features a dedicated button for maximizing the intensity of vibration at one push.
  • Matte container assists in keeping your grip nice while stroking.
  • Detachable for throughout cleaning.


Size: 9.2*3.2” Weight: 0.7lb

Package included:

1*masturbation cup 1*charging cable

Weight0.438 kg
Dimensions25 × 11 × 11 cm

18 reviews for Masturbation Cup 5 Sucking 9 Vibrating Modes Blowmotion

  1. Bradley Hare

    For this price, there’s nothing better on the market. Wait…scratch that…for ANY price, there’s nothing better on the market! I was blown away at the amount of power in this thing! And it was remarkably more comfortable than any other pump you can find. I’m only giving it 5 stars because 6 or more isn’t an option.

  2. Lara Ryan

    I had waited for months to purchase this and finally I went for it, what a loss of months, I should have done it sooner. Great pump and the suction is unbelievable. I’ve bought pumps in the past and they were junk and that is why I waited so long to buy another one. But this one!!! You won’t regret it..

  3. Lakeyia Wood

    So my boyfriend picked this out and i was so shocked! I think he just wanted to see if it would really enlarge his penis…well it definitely did! It was visibly bigger and it was harder. He didn’t experience any discomfort. It’s pretty easy to assemble and the flesh part of it is very soft! My boyfriend said it kind of numbed his penis a bit but, it wasn’t a bad thing! It made him last just a bit longer and it was great. He kept looking at his penis through the whole day seeing if it was still bigger lol! I’d say it lasts about an hour, maybe more depending on how long you use it for. I’d definitely recommend this penis pump.

  4. ikentx

    This was an easy to use pump with great suction power. I liked that I could control the level of pressure and it automatically adjusted to maintain. The silicon ring openings seemed a little tight but it was not an issue with overall use.

  5. Grant Ryan

    I have been using another brand of electronic pump for about a year, and love it, but it is static, meaning it just pumps up a good vacuum but nothing else. This pump intrigued me as it has a sleeve like a Fleshlight, and it has different settings that pull you up and down in the sleeve and alternate the pressure. So I ordered it. Unfortunately, it came without the charging cord (I think someone scavenged the package as it was damaged on arrival) Anyway, I contacted customer service and they immediately replied and are sending a new cord! I love great customer service almost more than great products, so Acmejoy gets 5 stars just for that. Will write another review when I get this thing charged and pumping.

  6. Brooke Sinclair

    A little bit intimidating since it was the first time I ever used a pump. So far I’ve only tried the lowest intensity but it worked to give me a stronger erection in my solo sessions. Don’t need to use it more than 10 min and you’re guaranteed a great result, plus I don’t know if any longer could be dangerous but use it at your own risk. Looking forward to try the higher intensities in the future.

  7. Pikentx

    This was an easy to use pump with great suction power. I liked that I could control the level of pressure and it automatically adjusted to maintain. The silicon ring openings seemed a little tight but it was not an issue with overall use.

  8. Lara Ryan

    First time user of a pump, and what a interesting experience. Length increased a little, but the girth increased significantly. My head was left enlarged after use for a about an hour. Definitely a interesting experience. I definitely recommend some trying it out.

  9. Abirose Camilleri

    First time user, well built, great suction, needed to increase vacuum 5-10 minutes apart maybe because of my movement,20-30 minutes seemed perfect for me and she had me busy during that time so it wasn’t a bother in the end She LOVED THE RESULTS definitely made me thicker and held for a good while 5⭐Recommend highly!

  10. Donald B.

    Better then my old lady.

  11. Craig C.

    I have severe ED, this helps to get some blood in there so I can ejaculate. But it takes some time. Its my best option right now.

  12. Jami Godfrey

    easy to use and make my dick larger!

  13. Teagan Hodges

    Easy to use and setting the suction just for your needs. Comfortable and will add girth and gives minor length increase. Does give a more firmer erection.

  14. Andrew C.

    This thing is a powerhouse, use with caution! Extremely powerful suction action, no complaints on product effectiveness. Good value for the money, give a try you won’t be disappointed!

  15. Jemma Clifford

    enjoyable sensation, and I appreciate the perfect customer service

  16. Brendan Kloeden

    The sleeve has a super-soft feel and is thick enough it’ll grab you even when you’re not at your best. I’m really enjoying it. Money well spent

  17. Jayden Brown

    Very nice quality and easy to use! Ive never used a pump before and thought id explore a bit. WELL WORTH THE EXPIRIENCE. The suction is just incredible, and the results were mind blowing! I really enjoy using this. Just make sure to start on the lower settings because it has the potential to harm if not used properly. It comes with instructions which helped me understand this fantastic device. Would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable quality pump.

  18. Jane Biffin

    What an incredible product so much more than I expected the self regulating vacuum setting is fantastic very easy to use and the suction is incredible and satisfying to see the results immediately makes it all worth while thank you for an incredible product.

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