Enlargement Pump Transparent Male Maturbation Cup

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  • Fully clear cylinder, satisfy your peeping liking.
  • Equipped with a long heavily textured sleeve, create a tight seal around your dick.
  • Matte black handle, easy to maintain your grasp on.
  • 4-level suction, gradually increasing intensity for comfortable improvement in penis performance.
  • TPE sleeve, body-safe, soft and does not harm the skin.


Product size: 11 x 2.8 x 2.8”
Weight: 1.43 lb
Material: ABS+TPE

Package included:

1 x penis pump
1 x charging cable


Weight0.86 kg
Dimensions35.5 × 12.5 × 9.8 cm

11 reviews for Enlargement Pump Transparent Male Maturbation Cup

  1. Tia Gade

    Five star,it is a good pump and I will give another review after a long time later.

  2. Breanna Wilson

    Safe and easy to use.I am happy with the purchase so far, and would definitely recommend this to other friends.

  3. Teresa Russell

    Quick friendly service. Amazing suction and exercises .You won t regret this product.

  4. Matt Fernandez

    This was my first time using a pump ever. Instructions for it were easy to understand.

    Note for first time users: go easy and go slow. The very first time I used it the suction was so good, I felt like the head of my member was going to pop. Also, use the lube they provide or another water based lube.

    The suction power is great and variable. You can have it go at different speeds until it reaches the point you are comfortable. The mechanical release is very fast to act in case you feel it is an emergency. The vacuum portion also can be separated from the tube easily if need be.

    This product is VERY easy to clean as it’s separate components come apart easily. Make sure you use an appropriate toy cleaner or a very mild soap and water solution.

    Overall, I was pleasantly surprised and have used this multiple times with my partner. If you want to give a mechanical pump a try, I strongly recommend this one.

  5. Benjamin Fechner

    I got this uwrapped it and put it to use… so far so good. I like max pressure then release slow and repeat for 10 minutes or so.

  6. Kieran Kelly

    My husband has used a manual pump before and wasn’t really impressed, so he was a little skeptical about tying a battery operated one. The pump is very easy to use and the results are rather breathtaking.. being the first automatic pump he’s used, well we were both very pleased!If you’ve never tried a pump before or are looking for a rechargeable one, this is the pump for you!

  7. Emma Hickey

    I have used a single pump before, it was ok but it was too single. I like this automatical pump with masturbating

  8. Kimberley Mckay

    Great masturbator and pump all in one. The suction on this took me by surprise, it is for sure powerful. You can use the first mode as a masturbator. It gives you that sucking or stroking motion. You can increase or decrease the suction in between which is nice. It seems the speed goes up a bit with suction as well. In the other mode you can just use as a pump. Increase & decrease pressure as you like. Let it sit for a bit then release. It��s easy to use the masturbator function then switch over to the pump mode if desired. The sleeve is comfortable and super easy to clean. Best one out there, highly recommend.

  9. Danielle Hutchings

    Simple design and easy to use. Suction is better than I thought it would be. For the price, can’t go wrong.

  10. Ruth Clarke

    Never used this kind of product before, it’s kinda weird at 1st but eventually it turns out to be very helpful. nice experience

  11. Brennan Henriksen

    But can trap testicles and cause pain if you are not careful:)

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