10 Frequencies Strong Male Masturbation Cup

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About the product

  • Premium Material: The masturbation cup is made from medical silicone material which is soft, flexible, skin-friendly, resistant to low temperature and odor free. The appperance is smooth and not greasy so it is easy to clean.
  • Feel The Real Thing: Transparent liner, 3D cavity sional, compact complex channel, sexy and comfortable channel design, Feel the real things with the fleshy touch feeling.
  • Realistic Female Mouth: The front part is designed to fully imitate the oral sex feels, tightly sucking and licking your dicks with 10 different vibrating speeds.
  • Squeeze a little silicone or water-based lube in for better experience. Wash it with warm water after use ,and then wipe it clean and save it carefully for later using.
  • It would be delivered to you in very discreet packaging and we take your privacy very seriously.

Are you ready to excite your male cells and experience an unprecedented penis stimulation at FondLove?

The realistic mouth entrance is designed to fully imitate the oral sex feels, tightly sucking and licking your dicks with 10 different powerful vibrating speeds, phthalate and latex-free to ensure a safe ride for each stroke. The channel can accommodate all penis with different size. It has special convex particles inside, offering amazing sex time by friction and stimulation.This innovative male masturbator cup is sure to drive you or your partner wild! It is a perfect gift for your lover!

Take Your Solo Play to New Heights

Engineered to invigorate automatic pleasure or supplement oral strokes, move the unit from shaft to tip to experience the full breadth of sensation, watching yourself through the clear case and sleeve.The channel can accommodate all penis with different size.3D Deep Throat

It has special convex particles inside, featuring a seductively textured tunnel to stimulate every inch of your shaft for orgasmic pleasure with each stroke. The front part of the penis feel very comfortable and exciting. Sexy lips would wake up your every male cells and you come harder than you ever have!

10 Different Powerful Vibrating Speeds

10 variable speeds for different vibrating frequency experience, you can always find one to suit your needs. Simply press the switch button and enjoy the powerful vibrations which will travel all the way up your shaft for an amazing sensation like you’ve never felt before.

Product Details

Material: Medical Silicone + Environmental ABSSize: 6.9” * 2.6”Weight: 28 ozFeatures: Lick, Suck, VibrateFrequency: 10 speedsUsage Time: 90 MinutesPackage list: 1*male masturbation cup; 1*USB charging cord

Soft Medical Silicone for Safe Stroke and Easy Slide

The 3D masturbator cup provides a soft and smooth sleeve designed for those who are more sensitive or want to make their sessions last longer to practice prolonging their performance. The sleeve is made of body safe and 100 phthatate-free TER materials (thermoplastic rubber). This masturbator toy will do no harm even to those have sensitive skin.Thrust into the tight-yet-stretchy sucker opening to experience rows of ribbing and raised dots massaging your length!

3 Dependent Button for More Humanized Use.

Suction Button(Left): Press once in standby mode to enter suction mode; Press once again stop suction modeDegassing Button(Middle): Press once to start deflating when the load is too heavySwitch Button(Right): Short press start vibration, press once to change a mode; Long press 2 seconds turn off the power

Package list:

1*male masturbation cup; 1*USB charging cable.

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions16.5 × 21.5 × 8 cm

16 reviews for 10 Frequencies Strong Male Masturbation Cup

  1. Josh Crowe

    This was way better than I thought, out of the for devices I have this is by far the best, once tou get it fine tuned it really feels like the real thing
    You willnot regret it.

  2. Blake Edwards

    Quality materials. Long lasting charge. I wanted to experiment with suction, which this does a good job of delivering. The nodules in the sleeve are too big in my opinion. Pea-size nearly. Not the realistic feel I was going for. If more sleeves were available, I would likely give it 5 stars.

  3. David Cox

    The sucking function is too powerful, and 100% waterproof, will make you explode quickly

  4. Tash Ferguson

    The best toy I have bought and used. Besides,it is cheaper than other store.

  5. Hannah Williams

    When I got the toy it came with just enough charge to tease me, I started to use it and it died after it built up a nice level of pressure, this made it a very resistant sleeve which I did quite enjoy. A tight fit is best in terms of ensuring there is a leak-proof seal, though it also makes it harder to remove yourself once hard. In terms of noise, the pump is pretty quiet. Having tried this a few times now, I have seen not only impressive immediate effects but also slightly longer-lasting length effects.

  6. Miranda Vine

    I have to agree with the customer before me, this device has potential, but it’s just not there yet.
    I like the fact that it has a good battery inside, it lasts a long time. Also like the suction, however it would be nice to have a little bit more sometimes and maybe program it to suck/release on pattern. The vibration is great, I liked that.
    I dislike the sleeve though, it is too big for me (I’m true average size with average girth) and it does not have any feel about it which would add to the sensation. It would be great to be able to get/buy extra sleeve for this device, with a little bit smaller inside (in diameter, the depth is okay).

  7. Kevin Aurisch

    The first transparent toy I have used, it is amazing to see my dick cross though the toy. Very cool.

  8. Kayla Davis

    Outstanding, best toy I have ever bought. Gods suction, frequencies, charge duration. I’m 4 1/2” and has been hard to find something smaller. Perfect for all sizes. Highly recommend!

  9. Michelle Hogan

    I have tried numerous sex toys in my day. This one is excellent and you can’t beat it for the price! Superb sensations that bring you to a satisfying climax. I love the fact that you can also charge it while using it so that it will always work until you are finished. Very easy to clean and I highly recommend purchasing this sex toy. Enjoy!!

  10. Jamie Ward

    Very fun, and I swear u won’t regret it.. Buy this now

  11. Em Bowdidge

    This it waaaay better than any of the4 or 5 other device’s i’ve bought.
    At a fraction of the price. In fact i just ordered another as a back up. Once you figure the trick, “add sucktion then use the big button to release a little it feels exactly like a Real bj. Be sure to use silk or hi quality lube. Its Sooo worth it
    Perfect size for me 5 3/4 in.

  12. Samuel Matthews

    Product is great. The suction can be well controlled and with a bit of wrist action makes for a very pleasurable experience.

  13. Jack Lafferty

    My girlfriend don’t wanna do a blowjob for me, I love her,so I will not force her. But my GF bought this oral sex toy for me as my gift, I love her much more! Of course, this toy is a good one to masturbate with!

  14. Thai Clarke

    I like this transparent toy, I like to watch my dildo up and down with this toy.

  15. Brooklyn Arnol

    Overall, this a great product and works well! The suction power is amazing and feels very real and the soft, ribbed inside gives ultimate pleasure. The vibration settings for the cup is nice and really adds a nice effect to the overall experience.

  16. Taylor Kessey

    This hands-free style male sex toy is absolutely amazing. This hands free oral sex masturbator concept is incredible and the finished product IS the perfect pleasure machine, and certainly worth the price. I would recommend this toy to anyone who would like to experience the powerful method of hands-free masturbation. The masturbator arrived quickly in a discreet cardboard box. Inside the box, the toy is contained and perfectly placed in its own plastic cutout, showing off the elegant product. I really like the color of the sleeve The transparent liner material drives me wild, as i love see to see my penis while I am squirming in my sheets. Thanks to the compact complex channel, sexy and comfortable channel design, it feels just like the flesh you’re used to. It is premium material made from medical silicone material which is soft, flexible, skin-friendly, resistant to temperature and odor free. The appearance is smooth and not greasy so it is easy to clean. The masturbator offers 10 speeds for different vibrating frequency experience, you can always find one to suit your needs. In use, this toy was exceptional. The first time that I used it, it made me orgasm in record time, and the orgasm was one of the most powerful which I have ever had! The product is a realistic female mouth. This toy is very easy to clean after a great session! And even though the toy sucks and vibrates with great power, it is able to stay quiet which is essential! This toy from Fondlove is amazing.

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